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Celebrate Black Music Month With KitKat

“Take Me Back to Memphis” is both the song and the mantra for the song that we created for the Black Music Month campaign in partnership with KitKat HERSHEY'S Memphis Music Initiative and @Breakr

This project was reflective, fun, AND necessary! All US music leads back to Memphis one way or another!!

You can find these collectors KitKat bars at a Target near you!! The coolest part to me me is that the other cities that participated in this campaign (New York, Detroit, Washington D.C., New Orleans, and Los Angeles) ALL feature our song in their videos! Again, a testament to the influence we have. I’m extremely grateful for the opportunity to both consult on and produce the track as well as co-write and hope you all feel a since of pride when you pick up these amazing collectible KitKat bars!!

See More HERE!

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